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Why Utah Leaders Call this Economic Ranking for the State ‘Monumental’

Utah’s COVID-19 Response Ranks 1st in Nation

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Utah’s 2021 GDP Growth Highest in the Nation

Utah Ranked 3rd Best State for Business in 2021

WalletHub Ranks Utah as ‘Most Independent’ State

Utah Economy Ranked #1 for Performance and Strength

Utah Ranks #1 in Economic Outlook

Utah’s Economy Ranked #1 for Stability & Potential

Utah #1 for Economic Momentum to Close 2020

State Policy Reports releases a quarterly Index of Economic Momentum which is based on three growth measures: personal income (from the Bureau of Economic Analysis), employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and population (U.S. Census). For the second year in a row Utah claimed the top spot for Q4. Utah’s index was 2.95 percent above the […]

How Budget Stress Tests Help Utah Prepare for and Manage Economic Downturns

Utah Ranks 5th for Overall Fiscal Stability

What Utah Can Teach Other States About Surviving A Recession

Utah Ranked #1 in State Economic Competitiveness Index

Pew Highlights Utah’s Budget Stress Tests Role in Helping Manage the Pandemic’s Fiscal Impact

Forbes Ranks Salt Lake City and Provo Among Cities Best Poised for Recovery

Utah Ranks 3rd in ‘Camelot Index’ for Quality of Life

State Policy Reports released their Camelot Index on Wednesday, April 29th, which ranks all fifty states on 26 variables, across six categories, aimed at capturing quality of life for their citizens. States were graded on: Economy, Health, Crime, Education, Society, and Government. Utah’s consistently high scores across all categories resulted in a bronze medal for […]

With No U.S. Plan to Return to Normal, Some States Are Creating Their Own

Minnesota, Utah Among States Best Prepared for Coronavirus Economic Upheaval

Utah #1 for Economic Momentum to Close 2019

Utah Ranks Top in Index of State Economic Momentum for Q4 of 2019 State Policy Reports releases a quarterly Index of Economic Momentum which is based on three growth measures: personal income, employment, and population. Utah’s index was 1.5 percent above the national average, edging out second-ranked Idaho for the top spot in the final […]

Estimated Surplus Makes Case for Tax Reform – And a Tax Cut Wins Best of Utah Award

Report Encourages Utah to Expand Taxes on Personal Services

No Shutdown Ahead for Utah Government

Utah Among Nation’s Leaders at Addressing Deferred Maintenance Obligations

Pew Charitable Trusts Highlight Utah Legislature’s Continuous Efforts to Improve

Utah Tops Annual Ranking of State Economic Outlook

Volcker Alliance Recognizes Utah’s Progress on Long-term Fiscal Health

U.S. News and World Report Says Utah Best in the Nation for Fiscal Stability