Follow-up Report: Time to Revisit Budgets of the Past

July 17, 2018

Each summer, the Legislative Fiscal Analyst looks-back at prior year appropriation items and fiscal notes to determine accuracy of budget, schedule, and performance.  This year, Clare Tobin Lence presented the Fiscal Note and Budget Item Follow-up Report in Executive Appropriations’ July meeting.  She and her colleagues highlighted a number of follow-up items in the meeting, but all those of consequence are included in the report itself. This year’s review covered 232 budget items and fiscal notes from four past General Sessions.  Of those, 84 (36%) were included in the body of the report, indicating that they require consideration by the Legislature.  The Executive Appropriations Committee referred the report to appropriations subcommittees for further action. The entire 104 page report can be found here:

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