The Second Act: Subcommittee Priorities Set the Stage for EAC

February 9, 2024

As week four of the 2024 General Session comes to a close, so too does the work of appropriations subcommittees. Next Monday and Tuesday, the Executive Appropriations Committee (EAC) will hear reports from each of the seven topical budget committees. These reports detail all committee actions including motions, intent language, reallocations, fees, and the coveted priority lists for new funding requests. Requests for new funding come to committees through various means, including the Governor’s Budget (agency requests), legislative staff recommendations, and legislator requests for appropriation (RFAs). Subcommittees may choose to not prioritize all items that have been heard, and may recommend that EAC fund items at a different amount than was originally requested.

During the second half of the 45-day session, EAC will work to balance new requests with available revenues. Revenue estimates are updated prior to appropriations bills being drafted, to ensure policymakers adjourn the session with a constitutionally mandated, balanced budget.

Business, Economic Development, and Labor: 2024 Priority Lists

Executive Offices and Criminal Justice: 2024 Priority Lists

Higher Education: 2024 Priority Lists

Infrastructure and General Government: 2024 Priority Lists

Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality: 2024 Priority Lists

Public Education: 2024 Priority Lists

Social Services: 2024 Priority Lists

Executive Appropriations: 2024 Funding Item Lists

Next week, you will also be able to see priorities in COBI’s issues tab, as shown below: