Spotlight on Infrastructure: Recent Large Investments in Water, Roads, and More

February 25, 2023

Over the last two General Sessions, the Legislature has made significant investments in Utah’s transportation, water, recreation, and other categories of infrastructure, financed by extraordinary General Fund surpluses and federal stimulus (primarily the American Rescue Plan Act). In the table below, you will see summarized amounts according to area of infrastructure, along with a link to posts with more information. The totals below are not intended to be comprehensive figures, they instead describe large amounts that have been appropriated in the last two calendar years (General and Special Sessions).

Infrastructure Area2021 2022 TotalsBudget.Utah.Gov Post
Transportation (Cash)834,600,0001,294,000,0002,128,600,000Lanes, Trains, and Automobiles
Transportation (Debt)314,000,000(294,000,000)20,000,000Lanes, Trains, and Automobiles
Water100,000,000379,840,300479,840,300A Changing Landscape
Recreation104,995,20080,040,000185,000,000Putting the Fun in Funding
Buildings (State, Higher Ed.)349,900,000349,900,000The Build Up
Long Term Capital Projects Fund75,000,00085,000,000160,000,000(Information Below)
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations10,700,00010,700,000It’s Electric!

Long Term Capital Projects Fund

During the 2021 General Session, the Legislature created the Long Term Capital Projects Fund (LTCP Fund), a non-statutory, administratively created account that is located under the Capital Budget. In the same session, the legislature set aside $115.0 million General Fund for future allocation to specific infrastructure projects. The Legislature later reduced the fund by $40.0 million in the 2021 First Special Session.

During the 2022 General Session, the Legislature transferred $15.0 million from the LTCP Fund to Utah State University for electric vehicle research in the current fiscal year, and also appropriated an additional $100 million into the account, for a net increase of $85 million.

In the 2023 General Session, $50 million was transferred to the Inland Port Authority in S.B. 6, Item 95. However, the bill directed the funding to lapse back to the LTCP Fund if it was not needed for the settlement described in intent language.